We offer three options when it comes to purchasing hogs from FireSoul Farms:

  1. Live Animal package – Select your hog and take it home! Price is determined by age, size and gender. The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets. *All ranges are approximates


  • Piglets (0-3 mos old, 10-50lbs)
    • Boarlings (intact male) $200 each
    • Gilts (females) $250 each


  • Piglets (0-3 mos old, 10-50lbs)
    • Barrows (castrated male) $100 each
  • “Luau size” hogs (3-6 mos old, 50-100lbs)
    • Barrows (castrated male) $150 each
    • Boarlings (intact male) $250 each
    • Gilts (females) $300 each
  • Mature hogs (6+ mos old, 100-200lbs)
    • Barrows (castrated male) $200 each
    • Boarlings (intact male) $300 each
    • Gilts (females) $350 each
  1. Meat package – Select your cuts then set up a time for pick-up or delivery (additional charge based on distance).  *Not all cuts available


  • Non-Smoked/Cured = chops, ribs, roasts, ground, lard
         $5.00 per/lb.
  • Smoked/Cured = ham, bacon, sausage (maple, breakfast, hot Italian)
         $6.00 per/lb.


  1. Full-Service package – Select your hog, we arrange butchering ($90 fee) and delivery to a local butcher shop for meat processing. We help facilitate the meat order and when it’s ready, you pick up the meat from the butcher shop or limited delivery (additional charge based on distance). *Deposit required


     A typical order would include the following cuts:

     *Non-Smoked/Cured = chops, ribs, roasts, ground
     $5.00 per/lb.

     *Smoked/Cured = ham, bacon, sausage
     $6.00 per/lb.

     We prefer whole hog sales, however partial portions are available.

You simply can’t find non-GMO, organically raised pork at reasonable prices. Our goal is to provide just that for our customers. Our hogs are fed a strict vegetarian diet of Non-GMO feed, and fresh fruit and vegetables – never given hormones or antibiotics.  🐷

Please contact us if you’re interested.